Executive Leadership Team

P. Andrew Trentacoste, Psy.D., MBA, Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Director

Kathy Kumitis, Chief Operations Officer

Randy Reber, Chief Financial Officer

Board Members:

David Palena, President

Ragesh R. Patel, Vice President

Rita Cohen, Secretary/Treasurer

Peter Hammond

Barbara Stutzman

Jeffrey Kofsky

Samuel Romania, Jr.

Leslie Stillings

Walter F. Gadzicki, Jr.

Patrick Roche

Dan Lafferty

Honorary Board Members:

Sylvia Landis

J. Robin Robb, Ph.D.

2015 Behavioral Health Champion: Andy Trentacoste
BH_Champion2015image1Andrew Trentacoste, PsyD, MBA, the center’s CEO and clinical director, had approached a local primary care clinic that was hunting for a large treatment space and suggested they team up, not just as tenants but as providers in the community. That conversation helped propel both organizations forward on the path to integration.

“Integrated health to me is people on the front lines working together for a common cause, and that common cause is to improve the health and wellness of our clients,” Trentacoste says.

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 We believe children, individuals and families can RECOVER with connection and support.

is a “process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.”

(SAMHSA 2012)

We are committed to supporting each individual through this journey, which will involve challenges.