More Information About Us


Creative Health Services provides quality behavioral healthcare designed to empower and promote wellness for individuals, families and communities.


We strive to be known as a destination of choice for persons in need of high quality behavioral healthcare. Creative Health Services, Inc. believes in the ability of all people to recover from the difficulties placed before them. We know that a successful and healthy community is one where equality and interdependence among all of its members is encouraged. We envision a future where all members of community are valued and welcome contributors, where children are nurtured to their full potential, and where no one is denied access to what they need for success. As an integral part of this, we believe in helping members of our community achieve a balanced life, one full of purpose and productivity.


We respect and celebrate the uniqueness of each person who seeks help from us.

Service Values

  •  Balance

  •  Productivity

  •  Healing

  •  Community

  •  Competency

  •  Wellness and health

  •  Recovery

  •  Resilience

  •  Advocacy

Organizational Values

  •  Stability and Sustainability

  •  Personal Health and Balance

  •  Recovery

  •  Partnership

  •  Fiscal Responsibility

  •  Growth

  •  Community

  •  Interdependence

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