Outpatient Family Therapy (OFT)

Is your family experiencing emotional disconnection?

Is someone feeling stuck, powerless, or burned out?

Families are the building blocks for success and crucial to healing. Disruptions in a family system impact life on all levels and each family member is critical in maintaining lasting change. Nurturing a family’s hard work toward progress is our top priority. A family’s past experiences are valuable and each person is a part of the solution, not “the problem”.

Let us empower your family toward change as you work toward your new definition of wellness.

When a family system is put under pressure from unexpected or overwhelming mental health circumstances, this can create negative patterns of interaction. Outpatient Family Therapy focuses on attachment and relational behaviors to identify the ways families survived that are no longer needed or now unhelpful. Addressing these patterns at their core disrupt that cycle and pave the way for a new connections to be forged.

The primary goal of our Outpatient Family Therapy service is to:

Create a more intentional and nurturing family environment through reduction of frequency and intensity of conflict between members through:

  • Developing insight of multigenerational patterns and what purpose they’ve served
  • Increasing knowledge and skillsets related to effective communication
  • Empowerment of and Challenging the family hierarchy and boundary formation
  • Optimizing family strengths, advocacy, and parenting skills
  • Reconnecting the family to their supportive ecosystem

Creative Health’s Outpatient Family Therapy Counselors are dedicated to providing support to couples and families seeking new avenues to maintain their connection. Each therapist and supervisor are clinically informed through the lens of family systems approaches both structurally and systemically in addition to their unique clinical style. Counseling provides assessment of individuals and situations, with the collaborative development and implementation of treatment plans.

Eligibility for Outpatient Family Therapy services: This program serves couples and families in all forms who solely hold Magellan (MBH) or Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH) Insurance. There is no specific age range for our services. We reach those living in Montgomery, Berks, and Chester Counties. Families with private insurance are considered based on licensed staff availability.

Counseling/OFT services are delivered by our multidisciplinary team including: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Nurses, Certified Peer Specialists, Adult Recovery Coaches and Administrative Case Managers–all trained to work with adults and their families to develop individualized, culturally sensitive, needs based treatment plans.

Healing is the restoration of wholeness, achieved by reducing difficulties through the development of 
internal and external supports.




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