Montgomery County Case Management for Adults

ADULTSfile4821338480348Are you facing the daily difficulties of dealing with a mental illness? Does it feel overwhelming as you try to coordinate behavioral health care as you seek out community resources to improve your quality of life?

Hope is the foundation for wellness and recovery here at Creative Health Services, Inc. We strive to provide choices, opportunities and community connections that improve your quality of life.

Administrative Case Management (ACM) delivers short term, primarily office based support for adults, who may or may not be receiving mental health services.

“Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote recovery.”

Case Management Society of America (CMSA)

Recovery Coaching: Focused on resilience and wellness, Recovery Coaching prioritizes adults who receive mental health services from multiple providers and may be at risk for hospitalization, potential homelessness or involved in the criminal justice system. Recovery coaches provide guidance by acting as a liaison between the individual and community based support. The nature of the program is holistic and needs based, with most services delivered in the community. This process of relationship building, skill enhancement, changed patterns and healing leads to the goal of recovery--and will be different for each individual we serve.

Eligibility for Montgomery Count Case Management for Adults: Adults, 18 years or older who reside in Montgomery County can be referred by family, behavioral health provider or a social service agency.

THRIVE…with Connection and Support.


Your convenient access to our differing levels of care is important to us at Creative Health Services.

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Recovery Principles

  • Hope is the belief in an individual’s potential to experience a full and satisfying life and that change is possible. Hope is the foundation for recovery.
  • Individuality is key, as recovery is a unique and personal journey. Embracing the individual, rather than dwelling on the illness, recovery respects a person’s cultural and spiritual differences along with their special needs.
  • Choice 
is encouraged as individuals make informed decisions about their lives and support systems, and these choices are respected.
  • Peer Support is a highly valued resource, offering hope through the unique empathy and understanding that is derived from peer relationships.
  • Community Integration 
is vital to connecting with and flourishing in the community of one’s choosing. An environment supportive of recovery provides access to community supports and resources that will best promote one’s own recovery, while living in and contributing to that community.
  • Personal Responsibility 
is foundational in life decisions and membership in the community at large. Steps to recovery are chosen and mastered by the individual, while contributing partners form a vital support network.
  • A Meaningful Life 
is one of purpose and direction, both chosen and carried out by every individual according to their talents, interests and passions. Pursuing relationships, vocations and activities adds richness and meaning to a person’s life, as well as to the life of the community.
  • Advocacy 
allows individuals to have a voice in their own recovery. All are offered opportunities and support to be his or her own advocate.
  • Access to Resources is necessary in moving toward wellness and recovery.  A variety of community resources, including: behavioral health services, self-help, education, advocacy groups and peer support can serve to promote holistic wellbeing in all individuals.