Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

inten_outpatient-photoBased on the concept of hope and with the belief that all individuals are capable of living their own lives, we deliver therapeutic intervention to individuals who demonstrate significant impairment in their daily functioning and are experiencing a high level of emotional distress.

Intensive Outpatient Programming includes some of the following services:

  • Group Therapy focused on: coping skills, anger and stress management, relationship skills, self-esteem, illness management, and problem solving;
  • Medication Management;
  • Individual and Family Therapy sessions;
  • Family Education; and
  • Vocational and Skills Development Resource Information.

IOP provides a collaborative approach to treatment as the staff and individual being served work as equal partners toward that person’s recovery.  Groups and activities are selected collaboratively upon identifying the individual’s goals and empowerment objectives. We believe that families and community supports should be involved in all levels of care. Our goal is to deliver services in the least restrictive, least intrusive, most efficient ways possible to meet the individual’s and family’s needs.

Eligibility for IOP: Adults with a Serious Mental Health diagnosis 18 years of age and older can be referred. Anyone may refer, including self-referral. Adults must reside in Montgomery, Chester or Berks Counties and be eligible for Medical Assistance.

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Your convenient access to our differing levels of care is important to us at Creative Health Services.

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Creative Health Services is committed to the belief that each individual is in charge of his/her own life with expectations of symptom control, respectful and supportive psychotherapy, medication management and positive community interactions.

Through the concept of empowerment, we embrace the value of treatment partnerships and community-based opportunities for men & women struggling with serious mental illness.