Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention for Children
SAFE For Children


Stop Abuse, Foster Empowerment          SAFE for Children

Children deserve a safe and happy life at home…are you concerned that this may not be true for your child or a child you know?

At Creative Health Services we believe that the best place for a child to live and grow is within a family, and that along with food and shelter, a family must provide love and SAFETY to all of it’s members. Protection from harm, both inside and outside the home is vitally important. Everyone should feel and be safe within their home, especially children, the most vulnerable family members.

The Children’s SAFE Program offers services to children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence in their families and homes. Our 12 week program is an integration of art, music and animal assisted therapies designed to work through the feelings brought about by the trauma while learning that domestic violence is not the norm. Group sessions will help children develop the needed skills to break this devastating cycle of harm. Our hope is that each child will experience the group as a positive and safe environment, strengthening their self-esteem. Children will learn how to protect themselves and to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner.

Eligibility for SAFE For Children: The SAFE for Children Program is available to children of the Tri-County area who have been subject to or exposed to domestic violence. Program location may vary according to referrals. No fee required.

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Signs that a child in your life may have been exposed to trauma or experienced violence in the home:

  • Fear for physical safety
  • Increased deceptiveness
  • Self-blame & low self-esteem
  • Poor problem solving skills
  • Aggressive physical behavior
  • Suicidal ideation and/or suicidal attempts
  • Lack of trust for others

Offered by Creative Health Services in partnership with:

  • Laurel House
  • Open Link
  • A Woman’s Place
  • Pottstown Police Department
  • Montgomery County Women’s Center
  • Montgomery County Criminal Justice Services

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