Anger Management Program

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Is your anger hurting you and the ones you love? Let us help you develop strategies for managing anger in healthy ways while you improve your quality of life.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion that signals something is wrong and change is necessary.   Anger can range from annoyance all the way to fury and outrage. The key to managing all levels of anger is learning what causes this intense feeling and how to express this emotion appropriately.

Anger management involves:

  • recognizing situations that trigger overwhelming anger;
  • taking action to calm down; and
  • dealing with the situation in a positive way.


Through the Anger Management Program at Creative Health Services, we guide participants toward developing coping skills and stress management strategies to help individuals learn how to control and appropriately process their anger without engaging in extreme behavior. Self-awareness is central in this process, as it allows group members to take responsibility for how their anger has dictated their thoughts, emotions and actions.

The Anger Management Program is a cognitive behavioral therapy intervention designed to facilitate change through a 12 week group model. This curriculum is provided and approved by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAHMSA).

Eligibility: Adult participation can be court mandated or voluntary. Referrals are accepted from courts and probation, along with self-referrals.

Fees:  A registration fee of $ 50.00 is required for enrollment into the Anger Management Program. A group fee of $20.00, collected weekly, is required prior to each session to participate.


To get started with the Anger Management Program:

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When chronic anger has become a danger to you and those around you, the following often occurs:

  • Legal problems and/or incarceration
  • Family, social and professional relationships crumble
  • Substance abuse issues develop and persist

Learn how to manage anger in healthy ways. Improve your quality of life while you gain control over:

  • thoughts that keep you stuck in destructive anger cycles;
  • anger that leads to hostility and/or depression; and
  • extreme and hurtful expressions of anger.