Recovery Coaching

Recovery bob the builder 447-2Are you looking for support as you face the challenges in your life?

Are you ready for change in your life to move toward healing and recovery?  Does it feel overwhelming as you try to coordinate behavioral health care as you seek out community resources to improve your quality of life?

Recovery Coaching: Focused on resilience and wellness, Recovery Coaches  serve adults who receive mental health services from multiple providers and may be at risk for hospitalization, potential homelessness or have been involved in the criminal justice system. Recovery Coaches provide guidance by acting as a liaison between the individual, their families and natural support network and community based support. The nature of the program is holistic and needs based, with most services delivered in the community. This process of relationship building, skill enhancement, changed patterns and healing leads to the goal of recovery--and that recovery journey will be different for each individual we serve.

Eligibility for Montgomery County Recovery Coaching: Adults, 18 years or older who reside in Montgomery County can be referred by family, behavioral health provider or a social service agency.

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THRIVE…with Connection and Support.


Your convenient access to our differing levels of care is important to us at Creative Health Services.

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Hope is the foundation for wellness and recovery here at Creative Health Services, Inc.  We strive to provide choices, opportunities and community connections that improve your quality of life.


Recovery Principles

  • Hope 
  • Individuality 
  • Choice 
  • Peer Support
  • Community Integration 
  • Personal Responsibility
  • A Meaningful Life
  • Advocacy
  • Access to Resources