We want you to THRIVE! Thrive ...with Connection & Support

Our Mission: Creative Health Services provides quality behavioral healthcare designed to empower and promote wellness for individuals, families and communities.

Experience CONNECTION & SUPPORT No “wrong door”—many levels of care offered at various sites.

We provide connection to services under one roof & support for positive and sustainable change to individuals and families on their journey to WHOLENESS and RECOVERY.

Journey to WHOLENESS & RECOVERY Your destination for
excellence in
behavioral healthcare.

Collaboration promotes HOPE and HEALING for children, adults, families who are experiencing difficulties in any area of life—at home, work, school or in the community .

Experience the connection that helps you flourish.

Creative Health Services is a place where people THRIVE with CONNECTION to services under one roof. We provide SUPPORT for individuals and families on their journey to WHOLENESS and RECOVERY, making us your destination of choice for behavioral healthcare in Montgomery County since 1957.

Every day we:

provide support to those struggling with mental illness;
fight the stigma that surrounds behavioral disorders;
educate the community that mental illness is treatable; and
advocate for equal care for those battling these issues.

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